The top three reasons your carpet isn’t actually clean!

Most Melbourne homes have lovely fluffy carpet that we don’t think twice about. But we should. Carpet is a host of so many germs that we totally look past and this can be a major factor when considering the health of your family.

There are three major reasons your carpet simply isn’t as clean as you would like to think it is.

Vacuum cleaner – many of us assume that because we do a weekly vacuum that this will be enough to lift all of the dirt and grime from our carpets. This is a common misconception. There is mold, allergens and sometimes even viruses found just under the surface that a vacuum cannot lift out of the carpet. Not only can the vacuum not reach these germs – it also may be doing more damage than you think. Microbiologists say that the air blown back out of the vacuum is releasing many germs into the air that we cannot see but we can certainly ingest.

Pets – we love our little bundles of fluff and joy, and we all know that they can sometimes have little accidents. It is almost inevitable that your pet will urinate on your carpet, especially when you first get them. We think that using a standard spray and scrub is doing the job when it comes to cleaning pet urine but unfortunately it is not that simple. The urine can often become trapped and spread below the carpet and this is not visible on the surface. This festers and bacteria will grow at a rapid pace. The lingering smells are a big indicator that this has happened. This requires professional help and carpet cleaning.

Shoes on – yes your mum was right all along! It turns out you do need to leave your shoes at the door. The variations of germs found on shoes range from common dirt and dust to fecal matter often picked up in public restrooms. A simple shoe mat or carpet will not cut it. The only way to stop the germs being dragged through is to ensure shoes are removed at the door. It is also suggested the regular clean of shoes could help.

For the sake of your families health, it is important to ensure you are having your carpets deep cleaned on a regular basis. Precious cleaning is the best in the business for cleaning Melbourne homes and carpets. Contact us now for a free quote and evaluation of your home.


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