How to Choose the Best Domestic Cleaning Services in Melbourne?

Hiring professional cleaning services allows you to keep your house clean all the time. If you are a working professional, then it becomes essential to hire professional cleaners, so you don’t spend your free time cleaning the house.

Finding the best domestic cleaning company in Melbourne can be a daunting task. Hence, we are sharing few tips that can help you find the right house cleaning company in Melbourne. Take a look:

House Areas

Before hiring the services, decide what areas you would like to get cleaned from professionals. Make a list of your house cleaning needs and start searching cleaning companies in Melbourne that can fulfill those needs.

Get Referrals

In order to find the best cleaning company, it is suggested to references from your friends, family or neighbors. If they are happy with their existing house cleaning company, then they will happily share their experiences.


You need to avoid cleaning companies that don’t have bond or insurance. Hiring such company will increase your responsibilities and liabilities as a house owner when any accident takes place during the cleaning of your house.

Contact the shortlisted services

The next thing is to contact shortlisted companies in Melbourne to find more information such as background check of professionals, certification, cleaning schedule, previous clients’ feedback, etc. Checking all these points are critical to finalizing the house cleaning services.

Consultation before work

Before professionals can start their job, it is suggested to get the consultation from them. It is usually free, and it will help you execute the cleaning process correctly. The experts will evaluate your house cleaning requirements and provide you quote for completing cleaning tasks.

Check Offers

Once you get cleaning quotes, the next thing is to choose the best service provider. There are many cleaning companies in Melbourne like Precious Cleaning Services that offer lucrative offers on domestic cleaning. Make sure you check the offers before signing up with any company.

So these were some tips as regards to the selection of the best house cleaning company in Melbourne. Do refer these points while hiring any cleaning company to fulfill your cleaning requirements.


The top three reasons your carpet isn’t actually clean!

Most Melbourne homes have lovely fluffy carpet that we don’t think twice about. But we should. Carpet is a host of so many germs that we totally look past and this can be a major factor when considering the health of your family.

There are three major reasons your carpet simply isn’t as clean as you would like to think it is.

Vacuum cleaner – many of us assume that because we do a weekly vacuum that this will be enough to lift all of the dirt and grime from our carpets. This is a common misconception. There is mold, allergens and sometimes even viruses found just under the surface that a vacuum cannot lift out of the carpet. Not only can the vacuum not reach these germs – it also may be doing more damage than you think. Microbiologists say that the air blown back out of the vacuum is releasing many germs into the air that we cannot see but we can certainly ingest.

Pets – we love our little bundles of fluff and joy, and we all know that they can sometimes have little accidents. It is almost inevitable that your pet will urinate on your carpet, especially when you first get them. We think that using a standard spray and scrub is doing the job when it comes to cleaning pet urine but unfortunately it is not that simple. The urine can often become trapped and spread below the carpet and this is not visible on the surface. This festers and bacteria will grow at a rapid pace. The lingering smells are a big indicator that this has happened. This requires professional help and carpet cleaning.

Shoes on – yes your mum was right all along! It turns out you do need to leave your shoes at the door. The variations of germs found on shoes range from common dirt and dust to fecal matter often picked up in public restrooms. A simple shoe mat or carpet will not cut it. The only way to stop the germs being dragged through is to ensure shoes are removed at the door. It is also suggested the regular clean of shoes could help.

For the sake of your families health, it is important to ensure you are having your carpets deep cleaned on a regular basis. Precious cleaning is the best in the business for cleaning Melbourne homes and carpets. Contact us now for a free quote and evaluation of your home.

Are you looking for an office cleaning service?

Routine office cleaning requires a full collection of office cleaning supplies that eradicate dirt and kill microbes. These products are either concentrated to remove dirt or mildly formulated to gently clean your delicate electronics.

Products to Use for commercial cleaning

It is sometimes hard to identify whether the office cleaning products you use are strong enough to kill bacteria and viruses. One alternative to select an office-cleaning product that both disinfects and cleans is to clean with soap or detergent first, and then wash surfaces where viruses and bacteria most likely flourish. Some office cleaning products are:

  • All-purpose cleaner.
  • Aerosol graffiti remover.
  • Spray disinfectant.
  • Compressed air dusters.

You can hire office cleaning services also. “Precious cleaning services” is one of the famous names in Melbourne these days. Our team of cleaners understands that whether you stay in a rented space or your own house, keeping it clean is a tedious task. We are the commercial cleaners in Melbourne offering daily, weekly, and fortnightly services.


Secrets to Clean Your Home Faster

No need to block off a full day for cleaning. You can clean your home much faster with these following tips:

Have a System

Cleaning becomes much faster if we follow a proper system, i.e., cleaning your house in the same order every time: Working one room at a time, starting and finishing at the same spot in a room so that you don’t waste time in moving to and fro.

Clean Top to Bottom, Left to Right

Don’t start cleaning by wiping the coffee table.You should start from the top of the room such as cleaning fan, work ceiling works down on the floor to eliminate redundant work.

Keep Proper Tools at the Ready

By maintaining all the products at your arms reach means, you don’t waste time by moving back and forth.You can also wear an apron and fill out your pockets.

Hence, by following above tips, you can clean your home fast. You can hire domestic cleaning services also. Precious cleaning services are one of the famous names in Melbourne these days. Our team of cleaners understands that whether you stay in a rented space or your own house, keeping it clean is a tedious task.We are the domestic cleaners in Melbourne offering daily, weekly, and fortnightly services.

Considerable factors when hiring office cleaning services

Cleanliness i.e., healthy clean environment plays a vital role for the success of any business. Surely, you’ll find several office cleaning companies in Melbourne, but you have to choose one that fits perfect to your business. Some important factors to consider are

  • Skills and Training
  • Reliability
  • Discretion
  • Respect

These are the factors we need to consider before hiring office cleaners. Precious cleaning service is one of the best companies around. Our office cleaning services has skilled and trained professional cleaners who can implement right techniques for cleaning that can remove germs and prevent them from spreading. It is our ultimate objective is to provide you outstanding cleaning services in Melbourne so you can dedicate your time to more important business.


             Commercial cleaning companies in Melbourne provides professional cleaning services to offices, workplaces, restaurants, and sometimes industrial sites as well. If you are running a business and want to have a clean office without dealing with the regulations and headache of having an in-house cleaner, then hiring an external commercial cleaning company is the best solution available. In fact, hiring a commercial cleaner will save time and money on buying office cleaning supplies.

Once you make your mind to hire a commercial cleaning service provider, the next thing is to find a reliable company. Following are some common mistakes that many businesses make when hiring a commercial cleaner in Melbourne:

Mistake #1 – Ignoring the Cleaner’s Specialization

It’s important to understand the fact that commercial cleaners also have specialization which makes them a perfect choice for one niche and not so good for another. Commercial cleaning companies are specialized in a variety of cleaning including office cleaning, hotel cleaning, restaurant cleaning, industrial site cleaning and more. You need to ensure that whichever company you pick, it must be capable of delivering the desired cleaning results to you.

A specialized cleaning staff will be trained to use necessary equipment to clean the area efficiently. If the company’s staff is not trained or they don’t have cleaning equipment, then it doesn’t make sense to hire such cleaning company as it can never offer you the kind of cleaning you will need.

Hence, before finalizing a commercial cleaning company, ensure that they can handle your request efficiently.

Mistake #2 – Not Reading the Fine Lines about Cost

Many times business owners don’t read the fine lines of the contracts which impact their final outcome. They immediately hire the cheapest service in the town which is not a good practice. Though the initial quote may seem very cheap and reasonable, there are companies who charge extra fees which other companies may include in their standard service cost.

Read the contract carefully and ask questions from the cleaning company to clarify your doubts. Do not assume things. Check if there are any cancellation fees or hidden charges.

Mistake #3–Hiring an Uninsured Cleaning Service

If you hire an uninsured cleaning company, then you may have to experience financial loss and legal issues. An uninsured cleaning company will never pay for broken items or other harm caused by their services. This means you may have to visit court to recover the damage costs. If you want to avoid significant losses, then make sure your cleaning company is fully insured.

Tips for Effective Restaurant Cleaning in Melbourne

Achieving effective cleaning for the restaurant is one of the biggest challenges that one can face. Keeping a restaurant clean is an endless battle. At the same time, it is important to maintain the establishment clean to impress your customers. Usually, the kitchen and food preparation areas the main sections that need regular cleaning. Whether you hire a professional restaurant cleaning services Melbourne or get it done by in-house staff, following are certain tips to consider for effective restaurant cleaning:

Tip #1: Avoid the Mop

One of the common mistakes that many restaurants do is that they use mop for floor cleaning. Mops are a time-consuming method and may lead to slips and falls. Surveys have revealed that customers will not go back to a restaurant if its floors were dirty and wet. Mops spread the dirt and grime all around and hence, they should be avoided for cleaning the floors of restaurants.


Tip #2: Use Soil-removal Technology

Restaurants should use soil-removal technology which is quite an effective cleaning technique. This method can work 60-times better than mops. Keep your restaurant dirt-free with soil removal technology.

Ti #3: Prevent Vermin

Different variety of vermin including rats, mice, cockroaches, etc. is attracted to restaurants due to the readily available food. Unfortunately, if these creatures enter the food prep area of your restaurant, they can lead to severe illness. Therefore, the restaurant owners need to take some precautions to limit vermin entrance. Some of the things that can be done to avoid vermin are:

–    Keep outdoor spaces neat and clean

–    Store food properly

–    Recognize the early signs of pest infestation and taking corrective action on time

–    Regular pest control

Tip #4: Sanitize All Work Surfaces

When it comes to restaurant cleaning, sanitizing all workspaces is another crucial part which should not be overlooked. Surfaces, where food is kept, cleaned, chopped, must be sanitized. Make a cleaning schedule that lists detailed information on when and how a particular cleaning task needs to be done and circulate the same with your cleaning staff.

Tip #5: Hire restaurant cleaning service:

Above four tips were for those restaurant owners who will get the cleaning tasks done from their in-house staff. If you have implemented all above suggestions and still have concerns about restaurant’s cleaning, then it is recommended to hire a professional and top-rated restaurant cleaning Melbourne. You can give day-to-day cleaning tasks to your employees and count on cleaning professionals high-level tasks that need perfection.

So these were top five tips that restaurant owners must take into consideration for maintaining the cleanliness of their restaurant. For more tips on commercial cleaning, bookmark our blog and stay tuned for more updates.

5 Reasons to Choose Commercial Cleaning for Your Office

Whether it is your home or office, every place needs cleaning to maintain cleanliness and stay healthy. When it comes to office cleaning in Melbourne, people prefer to hire professional cleaning services. If you haven’t utilized cleaning service at your commercial place, then check out following advantages of hiring commercial cleaners Melbourne:

1. Leave a Good Impression

Cleanliness in your office is a must as if the office is dirty or disorganized people will notice it immediately. It will leave a bad impression on the potential client or business associate who walks into a messy office. With professional office cleaning service, you can keep your office spotless and leave a good impression on visitors.

2. Stay Healthy

Do you experience some bug going around your office? Are your employees falling sick on a regular basis? If yes, then you certainly need office cleaning. One sick person can start a chain reaction which can affect the productivity for days. The dirty office will make you and your employees sick. Keep your workplace clean so your staff can stay healthy and efficient at work. Call commercial cleaning experts today.

3. Save Time and Money

Cleaning is a time-consuming task. When it comes to office, it may take more time than domestic cleaning. By outsourcing office cleaning tasks, you can save your valuable time and money.

4. Proper Cleaning

Cleaning professionals have the right tools, equipment, and supplies to take care of office mess. If you are not familiar with the ins and outs of cleaning tools, then you may damage the valuable office furniture. Hence, it is always a better idea to get cleaning job done by the professionals.

5. Avoid Hassles

Being a business owner, you should focus on your business operations. However, it doesn’t mean that you leave the office a mess. Count on professional cleaning service so you can keep your office clean and spend your valuable time on strategic aspects of business.

So, these were some benefits of hiring commercial cleaning services in Melbourne. Whether you are a small, medium or large organization, keeping your workplace should always come under priority tasks.



Importance of Hiring a House Cleaning Service in Melbourne

These days, life is so busy that we hardly get time to relax and enjoy. In this busy life, house cleaning can be a real headache. Nobody wants to spend their weekends doing house cleaning. Everyone intends to relax on weekends and spend quality time with family and friends. House cleaning is not one time task. You need to clean your house regularly which can be a daunting task for you, especially when you are a working professional. You will only get time on weekends to clean your house. In such a situation, you can hire professional cleaning services Melbourne to look after all the cleaning that your house needs. There are many house cleaning companies in Melbourne which offer quality services at competitive rates.

Here are some great benefits that you can enjoy while hiring professional cleaning services:

Benefit #1: Effective Cleaning

One of the most significant benefits that professional cleaning services offer is the cleanliness. The cleaning service companies have highly trained house cleaning professionals who specialise in domestic cleaning. They are the experienced professionals who can clean your house efficiently and maintain its cleanliness.

Benefit #2: Use of Quality Products and Equipment

In addition to this, the professional house cleaners use top quality and environment- friendly detergents, soaps and equipment to clean your house. Carpet cleaning is another task of house cleaning which many homeowners find difficult to perform. You can count on professionals for carpet cleaning.

Benefit #3: Free Time

Last but not the least, by hiring house cleaning services you will get ample time for relaxation. In this free time, you can go out with your friends or family members to enjoy and do other important work that you have.

So these were some important advantages of hiring domestic cleaning services company in Melbourne. You will feel good and relieved when you return home after a busy day and find your house spotless. Companies like Precious Cleaning charge a nominal fee for their cleaning services and also offer discounts. Don’t spoil your weekends by doing house cleaning. Count on professional house cleaners to take care of your house cleaning.